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dot_asd_snark's Journal

Autistic Spectrum Disorder - Snarks and Rants
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This is a place I made, modeled after the dot_*_snark communities, for people on the Autistic Spectrum to rant and snark and get off their chests what's bothering them at the moment. Things such as people failing to "get" ASD, caregiver/aide issues, issues with people saying ASD disorders don't exist, interpersonal conflict, and anything else.

For the moment the community is unmoderated in who can join, but we'll see - that may have to change in the future.

I had a bit here about respecting each other, but I decided it might be a bit sill in a "snark" community. So just use commmon sense, and know that if things get too out of hand, things will probably be moderated. "Trolling" posts may be deleted. If you need to rant about another member of this community, please think about changing names and identifying details, unless you really mean to "call someone out" - which may better be done someplace else; we'll have to see how it goes. Otherwise, snark without fear or holding back. We're here to let people let off steam, not generate more steam... I think. This community has been modeled after such places as dot_gimp_snark, after all, but I'd also like for it to be a place to vent without fear of retribution or invalidation. I thought of naming it "vent" instead of "snark," but I like those "snark" names, so, and sometimes you've just got to snark about things.

If you're verting/snarking/ranting about a nonmember, obviously you may want to make it friends only within the community, but you don't have to. ;)

None of the above are hard and fast rules (yet); in the way of most communities, I'm sure this place will become whatever it wants and needs to be soon enough.

This probably comes under the heading of "common sense," but feel free to make liberal use of friends only posts to this community, if it makes you feel safer - or use public entries if that makes you feel better. It's up to you!